7 Products to Import from China that are profitable to resell


The kind of product you choose will affect your product profit margin. To reach your profit objectives, you must sell a lot of the product if the product’s profit is low however, you can still turn a profit even with low sales volume. This does not imply, though, that choosing high-profit items requires you to be able to make money. Other factors like cost pricing and product popularity will also affect your business. You can import from China to sell profitably.

Different products that are profitable to resell

You can buy different products such as kitchen tools, makeup tools, and clothing items from China to resell them and make a lot of money as a profit. jingsourcing.com can support you in the research of cheap products in China in a better way. Different e-commerce websites can help you in this whole process of buying and reselling.

Makeup Items

The most profitable imports from China are cosmetic tools since more and more females attract to makeup items for aesthetic reasons. It provides a wide range of tools for various uses, including brushes, mirrors, eyelash tweezers, and more. Cosmetic tools are often inexpensive. Consider the cosmetic mirror product you use for your business. The cost price is $5 to $30.

Sports Items

Sports goods have become more admirable as people become more fitness conscious. Many countries buy a great variety of sports items at the lowest prices from China. Such as sports water bottles are popular to purchase from China. The price of wholesale websites is quite low—around $3.


One of the world’s biggest producers and exporters of pens is China. For instance, gift pens are a particularly well-liked commodity for marketing and promoting brands in China. They are among the most often imported goods from China among companies because it is an inexpensive way to advertise. Metal or plastic is used to make gift pens that may satisfy the customization requirements of importers. Prices for metal gift pens range from $0.15 to $1.00, while those for plastic gift pens range from $0.03 to $0.10.


T-shirts are a fairly affordable Chinese import. The $3 t-shirts, however, are far superior in terms of quality and are constructed from soft cloth. You can buy wholesale t-shirts and by reselling them, you can earn an admirable profit.

Clothes for pet

In the pet supply market, pet apparel from China is another lucrative item to import. People like to purchase pet garments frequently rather than expensive since they are a fast-moving consumer commodity. As a result, pet owners can easily satisfy their wants with China’s affordable pet clothes. Due to the high demand for pet accessories, anyone can make a lot of money by reselling pet garments.


Without a doubt, socks are a frequently utilized consumer good with a sizeable market share in the retail industry. The industry is seeing an increase in demand for socks as a result of evolving fashionable trends. Selling socks can help you to build your own business on different e-commerce websites. Socks are made in China at a lower price as compared to other countries.


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