How to choose a rabbit hutch


Rabbits are beautiful animals, very funny and active. If you have a rabbit at home and you are thinking of giving them their own space, it is advisable to buy a rabbit hutch, and in this opportunity, we will give you some recommendations for you to read.

Just like any other product you want to buy in the market, you will find different models, and different types, among other features that may complicate your decision. However, there are several recommendations for choosing a rabbit hutch to make sure you make the best decision.

The size

There are rabbit hutches of different sizes, and certainly choosing one will depend on the size of your rabbit, even if you have one or more. There are large, small, and medium rabbit hutches, with certain standard sizes that you can consult.

The ideal is to buy a rabbit hutch a little bigger than your rabbit in case it is small because when it starts to grow if it is small it can run out of space. They need space to be active, so this is very important.

Remember that they must have minimum space to move and rest comfortably. If you want to include a sandbox inside, for example, you have to take this into account when choosing the size.

The manufacturing material

When it comes to rabbit hutches, the most common or recommended are those built with metal wires and plastic bases. This is one of the most sought-after because this design allows a lot of light to enter and allows it to be well ventilated.

When they are made with wires it is much easier to keep an eye on your pet at all times.

It is also common to find rabbit hutches made of wood, however, these are a little more complicated to clean, unlike those made with wire, since their base is made of plastic, therefore, it is easier to clean them.

However, if your rabbit is trained or you have a very quiet one, surely it does not get dirty so much and the wooden rabbit hutch will be a good choice.

Check the safety

After checking the material, you may get very cheap rabbit hutches on the market, however, it does not mean that they are the safest.

Sometimes, in order to offer a better price, they use very thin or easy-to-blend wire, even poor-quality wood. This can cause your rabbit to break the hutch and escape, either through the bottom of the sides.

Obviously, you don’t want this to happen, so it is necessary to check that the rabbit hutch really is safe and sturdy, to prevent the rabbit from breaking it, escaping, or getting trapped and hurting itself.

Accessories and toys

There are rabbit hutches to which you can adapt accessories or toys for your pet. For example, it is ideal to have enough space to add feeders and water bowls.

The ones we have mentioned are mandatory accessories so that your rabbit can eat and not be thirsty. However, there are other very useful accessories for their entertainment and activity, such as tunnels and platforms for running and jumping.

On the other hand, you can consider chewing toys, which are a favorite for rabbits. If they have something to chew on, you will prevent them from biting the hutch.


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