Where to Fix Car Place Holder in Car


It can be confusing to decide where you want to place your UGREEN car phone holder after you purchase one. That is because the Ugreen brand takes time out to design car phone holders that are flexible to use in different locations. Therefore, it is easy for you to choose based on your preference. In this guide, we will describe where you can put your car phone holder in your vehicle.

In a cup holder

One of the weirdest innovations that have come into the world of car phone holders is the devices that you can keep in a cup. The idea is very pleasant on paper because your phone will be firm in the cup. Also, we quickly assume that it is easy to place a cup in our vehicles because there are perfumes that stay easily on the cars. But you may be making a big mistake if you choose the cup holder type of car phone mount.

The word “may” is in use here because there are brands that understand what they are doing with their car phone cup mounts. A good example is the Ugreen cup holder device. This device easily sits in your vehicle’s cup holder, making it easy to handle. Hence, you will not regret the option. However, other brands may have bigger cups that will never be convenient with your cup holder in the vehicle.

On the air vents

The air vents are the most common option for people who do not strictly need to keep their phones in their car phone holder every time. That pretty much sums up the persona of every car owner that uses a car phone holder, except the people who work with ride-sharing applications. These types of car phone holders usually sit on the air vents of your vehicle. Another standard set of people that use these types of car phone holders is the people who do not want their car phone holders to be evident to the public. A significant disadvantage of this air vent car holder is it can block the air coming through the vent of its installation. Moreso, if your phone has a lot of weight, it may damage the clip.

On the dashboard

This is another standard option for car mount phone holders. This type is especially useful for people that have their business within their cars, like the drivers on the ride-sharing applications. It is effortless to navigate through your maps and other devices on your phone when it is on your dashboard. Moreso, you can use the phone on the dashboard to entertain your guests with music and videos.


Where you decide to keep your car phone holder as a user is entirely your decision, based on your preference and phone size. You have many options, as discussed in this guide, but while you are trying to get any of these options, ensure you are buying from a reputable brand because some may be mediocre devices. Ugreen stands out amongst most brands that manufacture and sell car phone stands


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